Dear business partners, customers and collaborators I am very pleased to introduce our new logistics worldwide transport providers under the trade name:

‘Global Transport Logistics Systems’

Your valuable support and recognition for 25 years proved that our scope to offer our experience in full scale of multimodal solutions are now radical decision to proceed to a new service challenge to your requirements.

Our philosophy is built upon these factors and our teams are working hard to handle your needs in the best possible way.

Armed with our experience, we provide complete international transport by Land, Sea, Air, Rail or Combined freight services.

Our transport business will open new integrated solutions to your present and future processes.

With our welcome we remain to keep our trip in future with you all in ‘Global Transport Logistics Systems’.


  • Supply chain management
  • We meet our clients needs: Clear orientation and objectives for our clients and stakeholders. We meet expectations and deadlines
  • Constant research: Marketing department always seeks for new opportunities
  • Modern technology to become flexible and personnel training
  • Worldwide operation
  • Offer a unique customer service, experience and tailored made solution
  • The focus priorities according to the overall volume of the merchant community is to Europe, America, Far Eat and Intra Med markets
  • Offer unique custom-made transportation services end-to-end

Our memberships

Association of international freight forwarders
& Logistics enterprises of Greece

International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA)

Deutsch-Griechische Industrie- und Handelskammer

Benefits for the Business and Customers

  • Direct customer service and sales from our local offices
  • Enhanced service and reliability
  • Reliable alternative for your road and/or short sea movements
  • Reduced risk of rail strikes
  • Frequent service resulting in minimum delays
  • Environmentally friendly, helping to reduce customers carbon footprint


Sea Transport Division
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Logistics Division
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Intermodal connection
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Door-to-door delivery
Door-to-Door logistics land services
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Weekly European road Transport
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H+H Overland combined opportunities
H+H Overland combined opportunities
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Air Freight Transport
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Road Transport FTL / LTL
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Customs Clearance Services
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Piraeus, Greece
  • Headquarters :
    10, Antoniou Ampatielou Str.
    18536, Piraeus, Greece
    Fax 210.4283793
    Main Email:

  • +30 210.4283785

Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Βranch:
    1 Leontos Sofou Str.
    54625, Thessaloniki, Greece
    Fax. 2310.566530
    Main Email:

  • +30 2310.566530